Quickly correct settlement,
fix uneven floors, and fill floor voids
with polyurethane resin

UPCON: delivering proprietary
polyurethane solutions

UPCON CORPORATION is a company whose core business is correcting
settlement of buildings using polyurethane resin.
Using our polyurethane resin technologies, we repair public facilities
and seek to contribute to a more convenient society.
We are also actively engaged in R&D into new fields in which
polyurethane resin can be used, working to create new markets and
so expand our business.

About Us

Company Policy

Basic Principles




Company Philosophy

Prioritizing speed and the environment, our goal is to research, develop, and utilize our core technologies to significantly enhance society.

Company Outline

Location of headquarters Kanagawa Science Park East Wing 611, Sakado 3-2-1, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 213-0012
Representative President & CEO Nobukazu Matsudo
Date of establishment June 18, 2003
Capital 73.25 million yen
Listed market Next Market, Nagoya Stock Exchange
Securities code 5075
Number of employees 45 (as of July 2023)
Description of business Civil engineering and construction business
  • Use of the UPCON Method to correct and manage settlement in concrete flooring
  • Use in construction and management of, and sales of, the polyurethane soil amendment “Naterun”
  • Use and management of the FRT Method, a pressurized polyurethane filling method for restoring the functions of agricultural ditch tunnels
  • Research and development of new polyurethane technologies