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About The UPCON Method


Quickly correct settlement, fix uneven floors,
and fill floor voids with polyurethane resin

In cases where existing concrete floors have settled or exhibit unevenness or voids, we open small holes measuring just 16mm across, and inject polyurethane resin, continually monitoring floor levels to an accuracy of one millimeter. The polyurethane resin that has been injected under the floor rapidly foams and generates upward pressure. This consolidates the ground, improves its bearing capacity, and corrects unevenness in the concrete floor by pushing upward from below. Underfloor voids or cavities can also be treated by injecting polyurethan resin, which foams and expands to fill these voids or cavities. The resin pushes up on the floor with a maximum foam pressure of 10 tons per square meter; for this reason, corrections can be carried out without having to move heavy machinery or loads.

Features of the UPCON Method

  1. Short construction times

    Short construction times

    Construction work is completed in one-tenth the time of conventional methods

    The UPCON Method does not require existing concrete floors to be demolished, nor does it require a curing period. For these reasons, compared to conventional methods, the UPCON Method requires significantly less construction time.

  2. Uninterrupted operations

    Uninterrupted operations

    Machines and other loads do not need to be moved

    The UPCON Method does not require existing concrete floors to be demolished, and so machines and other loads do not need to be moved. Corrections can be made without having to interrupt the operation of production lines.

  3. Outstanding technologies


    Experienced UPCON employees who have undergone expert training are responsible for the entire correction process, from formulating correction plans to executing the construction work. During construction, rigid polyurethane foams are injected and floors leveled to an accuracy of a single millimeter, resulting in a highly precise finish. *Additional correction work may be required depending on the condition of the site.

  4. Reduced risk of re-occurrence

    Reduced risk of re-occurrence compared to conventional methods

    Polyurethane resin is far lighter in weight than concrete or mortar. As such, polyurethane resin significantly reduces the risk of settlement re-occurring due to the weight of the material itself.

Use the UPCON Method to correct settlement in as little as 24 hours!

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Two keys to reliable construction

  1. Point1 Underfloor voids are
    fully filled with polyurethane resin

    Polyurethane resin has an effective range of approximately one meter; the UPCON Method therefore injects polyurethane resin at one-meter intervals to ensure that all underfloor voids are fully filled.
    If injection intervals are increased, even though the floor may appear at first sight to be level, there is a chance that underfloor voids remain; this leads to the risk of floor settlement re-occurring, and of cracks appearing in the concrete.

  2. Point2 Floors are leveled to an accuracy of a single millimeter, reducing load on the floor

    The polyurethane resin injection and the surveying work are carried out by different individuals to ensure that floors are continually leveled to an accuracy of one millimeter. The UPCON Method injects the resin through optimally located holes, so minimizing the risk of cracks in the floor, reducing the load on the floor, and correcting settlement and unevenness to an extremely high degree of accuracy.


About the polyurethane resin used by UPCON

Environmentally friendly materials

At UPCON, we use 100% CFC-free materials that contain zero CFCs or CFC substitutes, developed in collaboration with the Japanese polyurethane resin manufacturer Nihon Puftem Co., Ltd.
Our resins do not leach into water, sea water, or into most other substances found in the ground—and, as such, they have no adverse effects on the soil.


Construction flow

The UPCON Method is capable of correcting an average settlement depth of 50–60mm in an area measuring 100–150m2 per day.
*For factories, warehouses, and stores, based on previous examples of construction in Japan

The construction process

  • Stationing mobile construction plant vehicles / Pre-construction surveys

    • Mobile construction plant vehicles are parked in predetermined positions, and equipment and materials are prepared for use
    • An automatic level is used to measure the heights of the floors
    • An 80-meter-long hose for injecting the polyurethane resin is run to the construction site
  • Drilling injection holes

    • After the injections locations have been marked, injection holes with a diameter of 16mm are drilled
    • During drilling, a dust collector is used to collect dust and other particulates
  • Injecting polyurethane resin

    • Floor levels are continually monitored using laser markers while the polyurethane resin is injected
  • Plugging injection holes, and cleaning

    • Non-shrink mortar is used to plug the injection holes
    • The construction area is then cleaned, waste materials generated during the construction work are collected, and the injection hose is loaded back onto the mobile construction plant vehicle

From inquiry to construction

At UPCON, we respond rapidly from initial inquiries to final construction

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